A crappy robo-charrie of mine, TissueBox9000! Or TB9 for short.



Appearance Edit

TB9 has Aqua Green wavy hair and Pink & purple eyes. She has white angel wings and cat ears. She wears a Blue tank top with swishy purple trim-thingy (?) Shorts and Shoe thingies.

Personality Edit

Ooooooh. Well, she's a robot. She is, like, um... Happy... and... um.... Cool. like, a tomboy- sort of. maybe...

I have no idea.

Quick Form/Bio Edit

Name: TissueBox9000

Age: 17

Looks: in Appearance

Wears: Also in Appearance

Other junk: asdfghjkl

The Point Edit


The point


That is the point.

This is a really dumb OC.